How We Work

At DMGilliam Capital Management, we are passionate about providing you the highest possible level of service. Our consultative approach to wealth management starts with a Discovery Meeting to determine if a relationship could be mutually beneficial.

To ensure that you are delighted with every step of your experience with DMGilliam Capital Management, we offer you the following commitments:

  • Your interests are always foremost in our minds. We are genuinely interested in you and your future.

  • Every effort is made to understand your unique needs, values and goals before recommending any financial strategies.

  • A customized Investment Plan is based on well-researched, academically sound investment strategies for you.

  • The advice you receive is specifically designed to be suitable and appropriate based on your objectives.

  • Regularly and systematically we monitor your investment portfolio.

  • We encourage you to share your opinions, request explanations and express your preferences. In return, we are forthright and open in all our exchanges with you, our valued client.

  • We maintain the highest standards of professional ethics and responsibility.

How We Are Compensated

At DMGilliam Capital Management, we believe it is important for you to understand the cost associated with obtaining comprehensive wealth management services from us. As our client you benefit from our professionalism and full scope of services and resources.

Every Investment Plan is unique and tailored to each client’s individual needs. Depending on the type of relationship you establish and the ways you choose to do business with us, DMGilliam Capital Management may be compensated for the services we provide in a number of ways - commission, by a combination of fee and commission, or  fee-only.  Fee based clients pay based upon a percentage the assets the client has under management.  We don't fit you into a "cookie cutter" mold, rather, we allow you to choose with compensation model you prefer.

Wealth Management

At DMGilliam Capital Management, we believe in employing a process, not selling a product.  In order to fully understand your needs, goals and dreams, and to make sure we stay on track with those throughout our relationship, we implement a 5 Stage Process; Discovery Meeting, Investment Plan Meeting, Mutual Commitment Meeting, 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting and Regular Progress Meetings, which are typically held annually.

Wealth Management Process

Discovery Meeting

The purpose of the Discovery Meeting is to help determine whether you and DMGilliam Capital Management are a good match. We examine your current situation, the goals you would like to achieve and how we can help you work towards those goals.

Wealth Management Process

To optimize the discovery meeting it is helpful for you to bring the following material:

    • Tax returns for the last two years 
    • A personal net worth statement 
    • Current bank, mutual fund, brokerage and retirement plan statements 
    • Life insurance and Annuity policies  
    • Wills or Trusts 
    • Any other documents that would help us fully understand your financial situation 

After a successful Discovery Meeting, we will schedule the next step of the process,  the Investment Plan Meeting.

Investment Plan Meeting

With a complete understanding of your interests and long-term goals, we will assess your current situation and prepare an Investment Plan. We will discuss the specifics of our plan recommendations with you at the Investment Plan Meeting which clearly outlines the recommended portfolio strategy to help you pursue your goals. Each Investment plan is customized to match your risk tolerance with your need for income, liquidity and return.

Wealth Management Process

While you may be tempted to immediately implement your customized Investment Plan, we prefer to wait until you have had time to thoroughly review it, and we meet for a mutual commitment meeting.

It is our goal to acquire a lifelong relationship, so we want to make sure that you, our client, are completely comfortable with every step of the process.

Commitment Meeting

At the Mutual Commitment Meeting, we formalize your decision to work with DMGilliam Capital Management. We agree that we can add value to your financial life and a mutually satisfying relationship has been established. We will make a mutual commitment with each other to work towards achieving your goals and then execute the documents necessary to put your personal investment plan in motion. At this time we will also schedule our next meeting, the 45 day follow up.

Wealth Management Process

45-Day Follow-Up

After 45 days, you will have received your first statements and have firsthand experience of our service. The 45-Day Follow-Up Meeting is important to make sure that your plan is meeting your expectations.

If you are transferring multiple investment accounts, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork you receive during the implementation stage. At this meeting, we will help you organize all your paperwork and will ensure that you understand exactly what is happening with your money.

Wealth Management Process

By creating, implementing and periodically updating your Wealth Management Plan, we can help you work towards meeting your most important financial goals. At this time we will also schedule your first Regular Progress Meeting.

What to bring:
    • All the new account paperwork that you will receive in the mail
    • Any questions you may have regarding the implementation of your investment plan


Regular Progress Meeting

These meetings are typically scheduled annually, but can be at different intervals that might be more convenient to you. This is an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation and if needed, make adjustments to your Wealth Management Plan. These meeting are an opportune time to re-evaluate and review your risk tolerance and overall progress toward your long-term financial goals.

Wealth Management Process