Services We Provide

Financial Planning

Our thorough analysis of a client’s resources, circumstances, needs and goals is the basis for a customized financial plan and investment strategy. Your personalized plan will be designed to address the goals and concerns most important to you, such as building toward a comfortable retirement, providing for your children's or grandchildren’s education, planning your legacy through a carefully designed estate, maximizing tax advantages and selecting appropriate insurance policies.

DMGilliam Capital Management

Asset Management

Using principles of asset allocation and modern portfolio theory, we design customized portfolios that combine stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, UITs and non-correlated assets. This blend of assets is geared to the individual client’s goals, risk tolerance, time frame and stated investment objectives. Our many years of experience and pooled market knowledge help provide you with sophisticated investment guidance and well-informed, thoroughly researched recommendations. We continually monitor and adjust the components of your portfolio so that your asset allocation remains consistent with your stated objectives.


Managing financial risk is the core of contingency planning. To help ensure that our clients are well-prepared for the unexpected – such as accidents, illness or disability – we evaluate existing risk management strategies and, as needed, suggest insurance products for life, disability and long-term care coverage.

Tax Minimization

We will work hand in hand with your accountant to ensure we are minimizing your tax burdens as effectively as possible.  We are also very thoughtful in how we manage your wealth, in trying to achieve the goals you have given us, while at the same time not being over weighted with taxes.

DMGilliam Capital Management
DMGilliam Capital Management

Corporate Benefits

Through our many partners, we are able to determine which type of benefit plan is most suitable for your needs and then advise throughout the entire process, which includes; account documentation, enrollment, management and on going review of the plan.

*Securities America and its representatives do not provide legal, tax or estate planning advice.  For questions about a specific legal, tax or estate planning question, please consult a qualified advisor.